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About Our Studio

Arhitektonska radionica centar (ARC) was founded by Vjekoslav Ivanišević in 1992. Today we are a team of three licensed architects.

For many years now, we have striven to achieve a balance of aesthetics and quality, innovation and sustainability. We approach every project with expertise, personal commitment and attention to detail. Our portfolio includes a most extensive range of projects, ranging from residential, medical, educational, tourist, business and sport facilities to interior and garden design. We accompany our projects from the very first draft to the final realization.  

ARC is also licensed by the Ministry of Culture to design on sites of cultural heritage.



Our Team
Vjekoslav Ivanišević
Vjekoslav Ivanišević Founder Vjeko graduated in 1975 at the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo. Before founding ARC in 1993 he worked in a number of firms, such as Projekt Sarajevo, Lavčević Split, Zavod za arhitekturu, Department of Urban Planning in Split (director in 1990). During his career, Vjeko designed more than 120 buildings. Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award of the City of Split, 2018. (posth).

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Petra Ivanišević Brzulja
Petra Ivanišević Brzulja Director / Architect Petra graduated in 2008 at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. Before joining ARC in 2009 she interned with the Timothy Hatton Architects, London in 2007. Petra is also working on her PhD at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb.

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Martina Jelić
Martina Jelić Architect Martina graduated in 2008 at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. She joined ARC office in 2009. She is immensely experienced as technical adviser on all projects and is an invaluable asset to our studio.

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Anita Brajković
Anita Brajković Architect Graduated in 2020 at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in Split. She joined ARC office in 2020. She is talented architect with special knowledge in detailed design.

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